Naruto vs Bleach

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Menu Screen: Z/S: Up/Down - A/D: Left/Right - J: Select Game Controls: A/D: Left/Right - S: Defense - J: Attack - U: Distance attack - K: Jump - L: Dash - I: Special attack - O: Summon assistance


The timeless fighting game Bleach vs Naruto continues to meet with its fans with its innovations.

While the Naruto vs Bleach series continues to make graphic improvements with its newly released versions, it also continues to add new characters.

With the newly added characters, the number of characters increased considerably and the game became more fun with the new characters.

Naruto vs Bleach lovers continue to live until the end of the action with new characters and visuals.

For those who don't know the game, Naruto vs Bleach is a classic fighting game. You are trying to beat your opponent with the character you choose, and don't forget to use your special powers for this.

While playing Naruto vs Bleach, you will not realize how time flies, especially for those who like old style games, this fighting game collection will be very impressive and fun.

Just hit the play button to start playing Naruto vs Bleach, one of the classic timeless games.

Come on now enjoy the fun!

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